Mindee Morning MindeeMorning
I just started using PawTap and need help
M*   ~*:>
See you on the trail
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N
Since PawTap is an independent contractor, I don't have a forum for it here. I think there's a facebook page?
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Brydon Christensen BrydonChristensen
There is a Google group but if you want to email me I am happy to try to help.   Brydon@bluegrassdogsports.com.  
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Brenda Hinkemeyer BHAJ-203A
You need ton request to join the group


There should be information in the pawtap website where you ordered the software.
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Marion Erp
What is it?  
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Software for use by Barn Hunt Trial Secretaries. See pawtap.net
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