Competitor with a dog that requires a fair bit of time to restrain to allow tube removal started to redirect and leave tubes in crazy 8s, with some success.  Now they want to know if it is legal for them to uncover the called tube without removing it, so they can more easily remember where tubes already called are.   Initially I thought it wouldn't be legal, but the handler is allowed to touch the tube once it is called, so maybe it's okay.  Any official thoughts on this?
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Jennifer Giacchi BHAJ-242B
Are you on Facebook? This topic was covered on the BHA rules group:

If not, Robin’s answer was:
“So this is why judges are judges. Can a person touch/wiggle the tube even if leaving in place? Yes. Can a person deliberately uncover the tube to have a visual reminder if they come back to it? No. I think in most cases judges will be able to see the difference.”

If you are on Facebook though I’d recommend reading the thread!
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