My grandson, Emery, and I completed our first team practice 2/22. It was a blast! We hunt with my dogs. Dog 1 is gentle, dog 2 is very aggressive with the rat tube. I do not want my grandson to try to remove the tube from dog 2, and dog 2 will not release the tube on his own. The practice generated a couple of related questions.

Assume dog 1 correctly indicates a rat, handler 1 calls rat, and dog 2 seizes the rat tube:
  - Is handler 2 allowed to remove the rat tube from dog 2?
  - Is handler 2 allowed to climb on bales or into a distance challenge to get to dog 2, based on handler 1’s “rat” call?

Thank you!
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N

You must handle the dog you bring into the ring. You cannot call rat for a dog you are not handling nor remove the tube from a dog you are not handling. Note that if both dogs find the rat at the same time it doesn't matter who calls rat, but you can't call rat for the other person/dog. If you are handling the rougher dog then you may remove the tube, but it may be best for you both to restrain dogs after anyone calls rat.


There are no distance challenges in Team.

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