Sharon Webb Sharon Webb
THIS is why events are canceled. THIS is why you need to stay home. 

One of the members of our Barn Hunt Community is very sick with COVID-19. No, I am NOT going to say who or where. It does not matter. She has not been to a Barn Hunt in a while. 

I am asking that that we come together as a community and pray for healing. If you are not the praying kind, please send good energy out in the universe. 

Be kind to one another. Please think before you grump at Trial Organizers, Robin or anyone else. We are all trying to do the best we can. 

Hug your dogs. Love one another (from a safe distance!) and wash those paws. 

Again, please pray. Send healing light. God and the universe knows the need. 

Sharon W
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Elizabeth A.
Thank you Sharon. Sending love and light and prayers to our BH friend who is ill.
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I wish our dog sports colleague a full recovery. Sending many healing thoughts. If there is any help we can offer as far as caring for her dog(s) please do let us know.
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Sylvia Brownlee BHAJ-218A
So sorry to hear this. Prayers fo
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Sylvia Brownlee BHAJ-218A
So sorry to hear this.  Prayers for her recovery. This is why we need to stay home. 
 Please clubs, if you haven't already, cancel your trials through  May at least! I have already backed out of judging for one, waiting on two others to do the right thing.
 People are just waiting to pounce on a trial.
 Not worth my compromised lung nor my 88 year old mother's. 
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