If a location is having 2 trials per day and one in in the PM, do you have to be there to check in at 8/9 , or as are you good as long as you are there before they complete the first trail? We live in
the Long Island area so would have to travel a few hours away to
our closest event. Thank you! 
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N
There is only one General Briefing per day. In that briefing you learn any special things about the show site, where to potty bitches in season, etc. If you miss it and come later, I'd suggest you ask someone what was covered in the General Briefing because there won't be another one.
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Brenda Hinkemeyer BHAJ-203A
See what the club puts in their premium list as well. There may not be a designated start time and the second trial could start earlier than you expect. The entire first trial does not need to be finished before some classes for the second trial start. It depends how the classes are going, entry levels, and again the club's published information on how things will run.
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