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I second what Pam said.  I purchased light weight shields from Amazon (that weigh ounces) and throughout the weekend, the only problem I had was forgetting I was wearing them.  I tried to eat lunch through them twice and I can't count the number of times I forgot I was wearing one and either hit it with my straw trying to get a drink or started to run to my set up to get it because I forgot I had it on.  In the beginning, it was noticeable but after about 30 minutes, I completely forgot I was wearing it.  The only drawback was voices being slightly muffled -- carrying on conversations that you wanted the person you were talking with to hear but you didn't really want everyone else to hear.   Judging, I didn't think the scribe or other workers had any difficulty hearing and  understanding.
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Here is an interview/article about using face shields.

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