Why hasn’t the date been extended for nationals ?
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Pam Opanowitz BHAJ-100A
Do you mean for qualifying?   It was extended from the end of April until the end of June because the National is in November this year.  Unfortunately the qualifying date can't be extended further as entries open the beginning of August and there is data to be compiled prior to opening.
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Lois Stevens
There was 2 + months lost with this pandemic mess, so we really lost a month of time.  
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N
Yep. But we can't change the qualifying period date. I wish we could, but we can't and still get all the entries in a timely manner with the correct priority given to each level. Those with Byes from Regionals, then Master, Senior and if room, Open.
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Jennifer Giacchi BHAJ-242B
Everyone is in the same boat, and the class level is lowered if it doesn’t fill off the higher levels. What level is your dog currently?
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