I am new to barn hunt.... went to a trial today and really enjoyed it.  I was wondering if I can enter a new dog in both instinct and novice on the same day?
Thanks for the mentoring.
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Jennifer Giacchi BHAJ-242B
You sure can! You can also add C8. 

Instinct can be entered with Novice up until you earn your Novice title.
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Helene Shryock HeleneShryock BHAJ-262A
Yes you can enter both instinct and novice
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Lee Black
I also am new to barn hunt. My border terrier appears to have good prey drive; he's entered in instinct in about three weeks--his first official trial. So, while I am able to enter him in both instinct and novice, is this a good idea? He's 20 months old and also working on confirmation (sigh) and very, very beginning agility. I have great coaching here--lots of folks looking out for his best interests. And, some folks say "instinct" is a waste of money; others...take it slowly and methodically. I'm more inclined to do the "go slow" approach, but I also done want to blunt his drive. All opinions welcome. 
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Cathy Hoese BHAJ-197A

I also have a border terrier and an instructor. I tell my students to enter both the first trial. Instinct is a time for you to get used to being in the ring and not to fail. It also is a time to reward your dog at the beginning of an event to what they are in there to hunt for. If they get the game and have prey drive, it is then a waste of time to keep entering them for the rest of the event. It becomes boring with the tubes right out in the open. I would enter them in novice. It isn’t rushing a dog with game and drive. It gives them and you another chance to have fun. Just my two cents with the experience of seeing my students at trials and judging many events. 

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Karen McClean BHAJ-231A

I see two reasons to enter instinct - one being a brand new team that has not really had opportunities to work together such that the handler does not know how the dog will indicate. instinct becomes a way for the handler to learn how the dog communicates.  The second is as a warm-up / reminder to a green dog about what they are doing. This can be very helpful for people who cannot access classes and where trials are thin on the ground.  On the other hand I do tell some of my students NOT to enter instinct.  These are the dogs that are driven by the desire to search...tubes in plain site are boring and having the handler repeatedly trying to pull them away from searching and focus on the instinct cradle is demotivating and the handlers stress feeds back to the dog, making the game unfun.  Bottom line - you have to know the dog.

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I strongly recommend instinct for brand new teams and for more timid dogs (or handlers) that may need a little more acclimation to a new ring.  It is also practice time for the handler, regarding ring etiquette and maybe shedding a few nerves.  The bonus is that most dogs qualify in instinct and the title is also instant gratification and gives the handler bragging rights and a little more confidence going into the novice ring.  Do enter novice at your first trial - that's where the real fun for your dog will be.  Think of instinct as a one time warm up for the real game.
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