Robin Nuttall Robin_N
So you're interested in Barn Hunt and want to enter a competition. What happens next? 
  • Every dog needs to be registered with the Barn Hunt Association to compete in Barn Hunt events. That is a one time, lifetime, non-refundable, $30 fee per dog. 
  • Registration is instant, and you will immediately be emailed your dog's registration number that you will use to enter the event. But don't forget your login and password, because you and your dog now have a permanent record on the Barn Hunt Register. You can check your information at any time, see your dog's qualifying scores, get your title certificates, and more!
  • Once you are registered, you can enter an event. Use the event calendar on the Barn Hunt website to find events, and the Club listing to find clubs and classes. 
  • Find and read the Premium for each event you want to enter. It has important information like classes, special rules for the site venue, etc.
  • Be sure to fill out your entry form correctly, and be very careful about that Barn Hunt registration number. Make sure it's correct, and if you have more than one dog, make sure you are using the right number for each dog. Failure to enter with the correct number invalidates any qualifying scores you might receive.
  • The Create Mail In Entry will autofill a form for you, but you still have to mail it to the Trial Secretary. Some events also have online event sign ups. 
Go! Have fun! The Barn Hunt website is at
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were do you go to registered your dog?
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Pam Opanowitz BHAJ-100A
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When new, and have zero idea what doing, other than reading here for information, what class do you sign up for FT? 
There don't seem to be many FT. 
Thanks for any clarification
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N
FT is a Fun Test, and that's something you can use to practice. See the Fun Test rules in the Competitor Rulebook. TR is a Trial, and that's where the scores count for actual titles. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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