Robin Nuttall Robin_N
Thank you Sharon Webb for this infographic on Distance Challenges. I am attaching the document as an Adobe PDF, but also including the jpg.

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Carole Schultz CaroleSchultz
Super!  Thank you.
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Susan Cohen SusanCohen
Sharon Webb, thank you SO much! We had This will be posted at our trials. So helpful!
We had 2 distance challenges this past w/e and one was set up a bit differently than most competitors were familiar with. It caused all kinds of group discussions and worry. This will clear up so many of those questions.
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I encountered an issue with a distance challenge that was a long alley against a wall, and bales were stacked high on the other side of the alley toward the end. When my dog found a rat at the end of the alley, I was still retrieving a rat tube from the other side of the ring, three bales high. I could hear my dog biting the tube but could not get to it quickly. I assumed I couldn’t call RAT until I could say where the tube was. Once I got to the tube, it was pulled out and I didn’t know where it came from.  Rat wrangler could not access the area at the end of the distance challenge without stepping over me and my dog. I carried the tube out the whole distance, basically luring my dog out with me.  It turns out there was another rat tube at the end of that alley. Should there be consideration given to the location of tubes where wranglers  are not be able to help you? If I could have handed off the tube, I could have avoided luring my dog away from the area.  Just wondering. 
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Jennifer Giacchi BHAJ-242B
I'm not sure I understand why you couldn't hand off the tube to the rat wrangler?

Also, I frequently call RAT when I have no idea where my dog is but can hear her on the tube.  She's attached to it, even if I can't find her / see her at that moment! 🙂
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Geoffrey Dairiki BHAJ-221A
Suppose a handler calls a rat inside a distance challenge, climbs into the distance challenge, then intentionally stays in the DC (e.g. to hunt or to attempt a tunnel.)  They are now stuck until they call another rat (or complete the course.)

Suppose they now find a second rat inside the DC.  They call it and hand the tube off to the wrangler.  Is the handler now allowed to (without delay) exit the DC?

(What if the handler calls the rat, picks up the tube, steps out of the DC and then hands the tube to the wrangler?)
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Brenda Hinkemeyer BHAJ-203A
Yes they are allowed to step out. Doesn't matter whether tube is handed off before or after they step out. Rat was called and movement was to hand off rat and get out
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I made a course with a distance challenge marked by yoga mats this past weekend.  NOT ONE of the competitors understood (or they didn't speak up) how the mat was utilized.  We had a lengthy discussion during master briefing and there were still confused faces.  After the first run, and the first competitor ESCAPED PRISON as we affectionately called it, the light went on and every said OH THAT IS GREAT!  So much easier to have easy access to the DC without climbing over bales.  Thank you for this great addition to courses and rules!
Nichole Crossley
McCall, Idaho
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N
This ties into the topic Mark Shaw just put into another thread. The briefing should not be a time when you have a lengthy discussion about rules. It should be fairly simple; "this is the Master challenge, including this matted area."
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