I was recently entered in a barn hunt trial that had a distance challenge, and also an interesting maze with a narrow walkway to get down to the distance challenge area. Because of my dogs exuberance, she knocked a Haybale across the narrow walking area, which greatly expanded my distance challenge. LOL. Because the Haybale fell across my path,  I could no longer access the rest of the path. Another handler experienced an opposite problem. Her dog knocked a Haybale off of a prohibited area, making it accessible to her. She utilized that path that the dog created for her, and was NQ’d because that area was previously blocked off. My question is this: since the narrow path was previously accessible in the original course, then why could I not have stepped over that Hay bale and continued down to the distance challenge?
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Brenda Hinkemeyer BHAJ-203A
Because you cannot stop over a bale.
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Robin Nuttall Robin_N
Yes, Brenda is correct. The rules on falling bales and tunnel fails are in the Judge Rulebook because they pertain to how those particular issues are judged. Bottom of page 11 and top of page 12.
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