Denise McCarthy DeniseMcCarthy
I would like to hear the pros and cons of clear rat tubes for intros 
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Kathy Marble-Brown BHAJ-183A
From my perspective, the clear tube help to make the smooth transition from the wire cage to a solid tube.

I’ve used a clear tube with great success.

I find best to use a white or almost white rat for a visual. I also have a small plastic lid off a container the fits perfectly inside the base of the PVC top. The plastic cover prevents the rat from
hiding in the PVC top.

Kathy Marble-Brown
Kathy Marble-Brown 
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Brenda Hinkemeyer BHAJ-203A
It helps for dogs that need to see the transition from rat in a cage to normal tube where critter isn't visible.

Some dogs don't care about it. Some dogs are afraid of the rat.
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Cathy Hoese BHAJ-197A
I had an interesting experience with training a dog with a clear acrylic tube. The acrylic is absolutely clear vs the PVC which is cloudy, so the dog can see the rat better in the acrylic. The dog’s prey drive was in affect with seeing the rat in the tube. He found the tube when I hid it and hit it aggressively. Yeah! BUT.... he walked over a regular PVC tube with a rat in it. Not even a sniff. He ONLY searched for the acrylic one. I tried to get him back on a regular tube and he wasn’t at all interested even when I opened it to show there was a rat in it. Yes, he was securely held back so the rat was safe. I haven’t used it since. If you have the time to train regularly to transfer them over from visual to scent, great. I don’t have that convenience so I try to get them stimulated to hunt for a regular tube. That was just my experience and there are many ways to use a clear tube as a tool to train. I just thought it was interesting to see this happen. 
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